Brahmin business network ( BBN ) it’s an entrepreneurs forum, a nonprofit group with a vision of developing likeminded Brahmin community entrepreneurs indented to empower self as well as empowering others by providing jobs ,only to Brahmins based upon mutual support from the Brahmin community.

BBN’s tag line is  “my connect is your connect”. Our philosophy is purely on sarve jane sukhino sukhina.

Our mission is to help members to increase their business through a structured positive and professional referral program that enables them to develop long term and meaningful relationship with quality business people.

we are expecting Brahmin entrepreneurs from all over the world  to come under this umbrella  to utilize this forum and support and mentor the startup entrepreneurs.

Brahmin business network, has code of ethics mostly emphasis on best of quality services, sincerity towards long term business with a respect for the lead from the fellow Brahmin by following the professionalism of high standards with BBN members.

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