About us

“ My connect Is your connect… ”

Brahmin business network ( BBN ) is an entrepreneurs forum, a nonprofit group with a vision of developing likeminded Brahmin community entrepreneurs indented to empower self as well as empowering others by providing jobs ,only to Brahmins based upon mutual support from the Brahmin community.
KVN Rao, President

Why choose BBN

Our mission is to help members to increase their business through a structured positive and professional referral program


To help every brahmin entrepreneur in every walk of their business life


To reach every brahmin entrepreneur globally


"sarve jana sukhino bhavantu" helping the needy brahmin

Our Core Team


Sri Dr. S. Venu Gopala Chary


Sri. KVN Rao

Chief Mentor

Sri. CV Raman

General Secretary

Sri.D . Sudhakar Sarma


Joint Secretary

Smt V.Rajya Laxmi

Joint Secretary

Sri. Pavan Annambhotla

Organising Secretary

Sri. Chaturvedi

EC Members

Sri Narayana Karanam
Sri Venkatesh Sarma